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Shrinking the Conflict Initiative seeks to reframe and recharge the narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to foster progress towards reducing tensions for both sides. The initiative builds bridges between ideological camps and refocuses conversations towards practical steps for a better standard of living. We rely on grassroots organizing in Israel to affect change in the political space. Below are a few ways for international allies to support the initiative’s work.


Bring a member of the initiative to your community, in-person or online, for an interactive workshop on various topics surrounding shrinking the conflict. Below are three popular topics for our workshops; to propose or organize another workshop contact us here:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Explore how different narratives through history have shaped today’s reality. Starting with the legacy of the Six-Day War, learn about the various policy and diplomatic efforts to achieve peace. This can be tailored to explore the relation between the conflict and college campuses, the perspective of the conflict in diaspora affairs, the impact of the conflict on Zionism or other political movements, or otherwise. Discuss perspectives from around the Jewish diaspora regarding the conflict, and the fears which remain for Israelis and Palestinians and the political Left and Right.

Conflict Mangement

Learn to move from talking about solving the conflict, to solving challenges on the ground. Critically discuss paradigm shifts from ideological standoffs, to individual policies in historical political conflicts; this can be tailored to events relevant to your group. Gain a perspective of pragmatism brought by Dr. Micah Goodman’s book, Catch-67: The Right, the Left, and the Legacy of the Six-Day War. Build a stronger foundation for better solutions by comparing typical discourse around the Israel-Palestine conflict, to potential responses which cause direct tangible benefits to reduce conflict.

Grassroots movements in Israel

learn how to successfully build social movements from the ground up, in Israel or transnationally. Get insight on the policy process in Israel and the role of the public, and hear how Shrinking the Conflict Initiative engages the community and legislatures to effectively reduce challenges in Israel.

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