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We started this Initiative because our generation is ready to move forward, past the partisan conflicts that stagnate real solutions. We are not here to provide an end-all, perfect solution to the conflict. We are here to shrink the conflict itself.

It is often the case that politicians try to push their agenda on the conflict. While sometimes well-meaning, their judgements often do not take into account the reality on the ground.

We work in terms of support for individual policies, rather than in terms of political and ideological bases. A crucial step in shifting that paradigm is communication. Rejecting the loudest voices does not mean rejecting meaningful actions that will help us solve the conflict and help bring to end the notion that the Israelis and their allies abroad cannot achieve peace.

Does this narrative sound true to you?

Are you ready to help shift the paradigm?

Join our movement and become part of our community. Together we can end infighting between peace-seekers, and focus on practical and beneficial steps towards a better tomorrow morning. With Israel and its supporters united behind a practical, common-sense agenda we will get closer to peace without sacrificing Israeli security or democratic values.

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